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  • Ad title: [FS] coffee vending machine / coffee vendo machine (3 flavors) SAPOE
  • Price: 13000 PHP
  • Date: April 9th, 2013, 10:03 am

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    PriceP 13,000.00
    Ad ID 3512696
    Condition Brand New
    Date Updated December 22, 2011
    Category Other Kitchen Appliances
    Classification For Sale
    Location Metro Manila


    Thanks for your interest on SAPOE brand of coffee vending machine 3 canisters (3 flavors). Our machine's retail price is 15,000/unit, For resellers, get 5 units and avail the price of 13,000/unit.

    For want to be dealers/distributors within Metro Manila area, you can go and visit our showroom at The Mezzanine of Stall 30, Raon Shopping Center Bldg., Quezon Blvd corner G. Puyat St. (formerly Raon st.), Quiapo Manila, it’s in between Isetann Dept Store Recto and Quiapo Church. You may purchase the machine and supplies/consumables there.

    For provincial want to be dealers/distributors, once you’ve decided to resell the machine, give us your exact address and we’ll help you look for a logistic partner. Make your payment for the (unit, supplies/consumables, etc) through any of our bank, Metrobank, BPI, BDO, PS Bank account (company account number), so you don’t have to be afraid/worried of internet scam. After confirmation of payment we’ll deliver the goods to the logistics. Usually, we send the goods through 2go, they offer online tracking of your packages. You may also use Jades Cargo, Seagate, South Sea Cargo, Pambato for sea freight to Vis/Min. For Luzon provinces, we normally use outbound trucking or bus liner . Machine is very user friendly and it comes with an operation instruction manual which also serves as your warranty card.

    We also have the supplies/consumables (6.5oz paper cups) @ Php 0.70/cup x 2,000 cups/case, (8.0oz paper cups) @ Php 0.85/cup x 2,000 cups/case the cheapest among all suppliers (you may also check it for yourself). Hot beverage ready mix powders are now available. Coffee Pinoy Blend Cappuccino, Milky Choco Loco. cheaper @ 240/kilo, higher yields (makes at least 100 cups guaranteed), better taste (please visit us for taste testing). Soon to be released (between Dec 10 to 15) Caramel Macchato. Visit us to know the Dealer's/Distributor's prices of our powder mixes.

    Like we promised, once our powder mixes are available, you are guaranteed of 3 important things:

    1. TASTE GOOD so that consumer will keep coming back
    2. INEXPENSIVE & HIGHER YIELDS so you'll make the most profit out of your investment
    3. LIFETIME WARRANTY FOR THE MACHINE so we can be long term partners.

    An additional deal for our loyal patrons/clients, aside from the above mentioned:

    An accumulated purchases of 720 kilos (no time frame) of Barista Choi powder mix gets you a free SAPOE coffee vending machine (3 canisters) to grow your business.

    Note: Once you purchase our coffee vending machine, you are not obliged to purchase supplies/consumable from us. You may choose you're desired supplier to supply the consumables. We are not into any franchising agreement or lease relationship. The machine is 100% your property. If you don't purchase the supplies/consumables from us the waranty of the machine is the usual 1 year warranty.

    You can check out the prices of other suppliers and compare it with our. We want to do something good for the community besides profitting that’s why we always think of the investor’s/buyer’s situation, those are hard earned money from you. Lots of our clients become our friends, they either help us sell the machine to grow our networking or simply become good friends. Our advocacy is to help Filipinos earn extra income. We will never take advantage of you like what other companies do. Bottom line: “You're in good hands with us because we find ways” Like us at Sulit and add us on Facebook and YM: baristachoi@yahoo.com

    ROI computation presentation for your prospective clients

    1. Total Initial Investment

    Products Packing Unit Unit Price Amount
    Coffee Vending Machine 1 unit 1 15,000.00 15,000.00
    Barista Choi Coffee Powder 1 kilo/pack 1 240.00 240.00
    Barista Choi Choco Powder 1 kilo/pack 1 240.00 240.00
    Barista Choi Caramel Powder 1 kilo/pack 1 240.00 240.00
    Barista Choi 6.5oz Paper Cups 2,000 cups/case 1 1,400.00 1,400.00
    Total Initial Investment 17,120.00

    2. Cost per Cup

    Consumables/Supplies Costing Cost per cup Remarks
    Barista Choi Coffee, Choco or Caramel Powder Php 240.00/kilo makes at least 100 cups 2.40 10 grams mix per 120 ml of water
    Barista Choi 6.5oz Paper Cups Php 1,400.00/case has 2,000 paper cups 0.70
    Distilled Water 5 gallons Php 25/5gallons makes 151 cups of 120ml 0.15
    Electricity Consumption Php11/12 hrs that feeds 200 cups 0.05 variable
    Total cost per cup 3.30

    3. Computation of Profit

    Selling price if Php 5.00
    Total cost per cup - 3.30
    Gross profit per cup Php 1.70
    Estimated no. of cups sold per day if x 100 cups
    Gross profit per day Php170.00/day
    No. of days per month x 30 days Note:
    Gross profit per month Php 5,100.00/month monthly gross profit depends on the no. of cups sold per day

    4. Return of Investment

    Total Initial Investment Php 17,120.00
    Gross profit per month / Php 5,100.00
    timated Return of Investment 3 to 4 months : return of investments depends on the gross profit per month

    Specifications of the machine:

    Canister no./capacity: 3 x 1.6 kilos each (3 varieties of hot beverages)
    Electronic sales recording and resetting of each canister.
    Automatic setting of water, temperature, powder.
    Automatic cup dispensing or choose to provide cups manually.
    Cup capacity is 62 cups (6.5oz paper cup)
    Machine Size 300(W)*480(D)*630(H)
    2.7 liters of water inside reserve tank.
    Recognizes 5 peso coin and able to set from free, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30pesos/cup..... by 5
    Electrical Power : 220v 820watts

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